Links to Resources for The Idea

Global Citizen

A  web-based organization promoting global citizenship through personal commitments to action. 

Humans Need Not Apply

Fifteen minute Youtube video about intelligent machines leaving few jobs for people.  One suggested solution is a guaranteed minimum annual income.

A Brief History of Basic Income Ideas

People have been working on this for centuries already.

Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

Is ISIS truly Islamic?  Were slave-owning Christians who quoted the Bible to justify their actions truly Christians?  When does holding too strongly to the words of a book become another form of idolatry?  What are the principles, or the Spirit, behind the words?  Would being able to kill someone who disagreed with you prove that you were right?

Satellite Internet Access

If the more expensive approach of $10 billion was divided among the 3.5 billion people who are not yet using the Internet, it would cost less than $3 per person. Let the best technology win.  What is the best technology?

Falling Costs of Renewable Energy

According to Article II.7.d of the Earth Charter, external costs of producing energy should be included in the price that consumers pay.  

Range Management Debate Continues

Maybe raising livestock can't save the world.  At the same time, the way livestock are raised might be very important.  What's the truth?  How do we know what we know?

La Via Campesina

This means "the way of the peasant" and is a global movement representing about 200 million small-scale farmers who are trying to maintain organic farming practices against the onslaught of industrial-chemical agriculture. Putting carbon back into the soil, and building healthy, living soil is good for all of us.

The Rock of the Ages

Full text of a novel written in 1985 about a peace activist who was involved in organizing a human chain that would span the United States as a demonstration of our oneness.  

This Is the Way

Article written by John Baltzer Kintree and published in the October 1988 issue of "A Plea for Sanity," the monthly newsletter of the St. Louis Chapter of Clergy and Laity Concerned.